Vicks Waterless Vaporizer Scent Pads specifications:

Marti, could you please share your link about the scented hot pads with me?Thanks!Gay
Is that why I keep getting bladder infections! I thought it was from holding in your urine because I buy scented pads. Fml now I know. Well always is that scented??
Afraid to use scented pads? HELP?
If you are training your puppy or dog for the first time we recommend the Quilted Scented pad. It will make your job easy and quick. If you have a pet that already goes on a pad then you don't need to spend the extra money. Simply buy the appropriate size pad for your pet based on weight and urine output. See the above chart to determine your pad options. Note, once your dog is trained to go on the scented pad, you can purchase non-scented PooPeePads and save money! also, i'm ridding of scented pads completely. i've never had this itch before.Q: Will I get an infection if I use scented pads?Always Ultra Overnight with Wings - Unscented Thin Pads, 14 ct
These Interchangeable Scented Hot Pads will be your kitchens new best friend! They are scented to make your kitchen smell good and they keep hot pots and pans from burning your countertops. You can make several using many different or cinnamon and just change them out after they lose their scent. The Vicks VSP-19 Waterless Vaporizer Scent Pads comes in this convenient money-saving 6-pack value set. Each Vicks Scented Pad Refill is specifically designed to work with the heat of Vicks Waterless Vaporizers and other Vicks humidifier models to gradually release soothing fragrant vapors in your air. Each pad offers up to 8 hours of soothing comfort and contains the following ingredients: menthol eucalyptus oil, cedarleaf oil (Myristica oil), nutmeg oil and thymol.We’ve all had a moment of holding scented pads in one hand and unscented pads in the other in the aisle at Target. Why the heck do scented pads exist? Do I really want my bits to smell like bouquets? Where did this even come from? Turns out beautiful smells have been associated with rituals and wellbeing for thousands of years. like frankincense and myrrh for religious rituals like embalming the dead. Ancient Roman women were well known for their, ahem, . had their servants wash their clothes with lavender and rose petals. So it only makes sense that today, the theme of using scents to freshen up something ritual and a tad gross lives on in the form of scented tampons in 2015.When you use the PupAllure™ Scented Pads in your Weaning-Pen, the puppies will be "POTTY TRAINED" to go on the PupAllure™ products. Be kind and show your precious little bundles of joy where to poop. If you don't, who will? Also, this is an outstanding opportunity for you to add value to your puppies. Now you can offer "POTTY TRAINED PUPS" by providing, or allowing us to provide, your puppy buyer with PupAllure™ Pads, Scent & Equipment.Every vag is different, like a beautiful snowflake. Keeping that in mind, test out any scented products in moderation and notice what your body is sensitive to. If you’re already prone to sensitive skin, or ride the all-natural hippie mama bus whenever possible, there are plenty of and that are chemical-free. For a nice scent, add a drop or two of essential oil (such as or ) at the very back of your pad. Boom! DIY scented pads. You’re welcome.I agree with strwbry, I also used them and had no problems, and used scented pads after I had my baby and had st_tches. No infections. I also rinsed with water and used antibacterial dermoplast first aid spray everytime I changed the pad.