Flourish Arabesque Scrollwork royalty-free stock vector art

Meyer, Franz Sales Handbook of Ornament (New York, NY: The Bruno Hessling Company, 1904)
hi are you sure you want to use ri it will be really crunchy. i have the one's from wilton and found a set at a thrift store yea, i do henna and i't based on a lot of scroll work, go to site the henna page, you can click on a book for patterns in a pdf file and print out what you like, it will show a pattern but if you keep going it will show you how to enhance the pattern, and if you use wire or foil twisted for the base you can look at your picture to enhance the scroll work
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You did wonderful...I think scroll work is like learning to write. It takes practice. Eventually it gets easier and you will find out is better to do freehanded than to try to follow a pattern that is already there.
Edna Vintage embroidery transfer - Art Nouveau nasturtium flower & leaf motifsJohnny Schipp - Jeweler, EngraverCan't get enough of that scrollwork!
Watch and learn as Sam Alfano unravels the mystery of designing ornamental scrollwork. 1:20 video which includes chapters on basic, intermediate, and advanced scroll design, point errors, and leaf fold-overs. Learn variation in scroll elements to make your designs more interesting while achieving a proportional balance. Avoid common design errors and learn to shade for a rich, three dimensional look.

"Sam is truly one of the greatest designers of ornamental scrollwork in the 21st century."
C. Roger Bleile
Author of American Engravers and American Engravers-The 21st Centurydoesn't have to be complicated and confusing. Once you learn the process you'll be able to create your own designs, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. Grab your pencil and sketch pad and follow along. You just might be amazed at the results."Sam: Thank you very much for the DVD with your lessons in Scroll work. It's exactly what I was looking for. You did me a big favor. The great thing you achieved is to put the whole thing in order for people like me. Starting with simple clear designs followed by a development of that with clear explanations. Then later on you explain what is possible with these basics. Every step is clear and I could follow you perfectly with my pencil and paper (and eraser!). You managed that I have drawn my first scroll as I would like it to be. This is an inspiring video. To achieve your experience in this way for others to use gives me a jump to the next level without following the long road you and many others took.

In my opinion, this DVD will be purchased by both non-engravers and by starting and struggling engravers too. It is a great asset to reach the next level in scroll design."

Hora Siertsema - Engraver, jeweler
Damaskeening with scrollwork used in heraldry. "Damaskeening is the name given to minute decoration intended to enliven the various tinctures without interfering with the effect of the colours or altering the coat." -Whitney, 1911The quaternary knot symbol could depict or indicate four directions (East, West, North and South). The symbol could also mean four elements of nature i.e. Earth, Fire, Water and Air. The fire festivals of Celts i.e. Samhain, Beltane, Imbolc and Lughnasadh could also be an interpretation of the quaternary symbol.