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So, should you just feed an adult dog food and forget about feeding a senior diet? Maybe. According to the Whole Dog Journal, over-the-counter geriatric foods for dogs usually have lower levels of protein and fat than the "regular" maintenance versions. However, over-the-counter senior diets may have additional dietary supplements and nutraceuticals (a product offered to prevent or treat a disease that is marketed as a dietary supplement), such as Omega-3 fatty acids and glucosamine, which may help older dogs' conditions, such as arthritis.
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This best senior dog food is not only formulated to improve body mass and enhance digestive health in old dogs, it is also very tasty. Pet owners have no trouble feeding it to even the most picky eaters. Customers find this to be an excellent food for their elderly pets. They observed marked improvement in their dogs, and they’re convinced that it was brought about by this great product. Visit Handicapped Pets online now if you're looking for a dog wheelchair, senior pet products, or any other item for your disabled dog or pet. Let us help today!Explore Pro Plan® Senior 7+ Dog Food Products including dry dog food, wet dog food and dog treats and find the best food for your dog.Articles, products, and information specifically geared towards the special needs of your Senior Dog
Others involved with senior pet nutrition cast a wider net. Susan Thixton, author of "Buyer Beware: The crimes, lies and truth about pet food," says that pet owners should be aware of by-products. "By-products are parts of a slaughtered animal that are not commonly consumed by humans," she says. "However, by-products can include feathers, fur, intestines, and unhealthy or diseased internal organs." This doesn't mean the pet food company is doing anything illegal, but these may not be items you want your dog to eat.Best of all, their dogs are now either off or needed lower doses of anti-allergy medications. For these reasons, they put this product on their list as the ‘best senior dog food’. Some buyers initially hesitated because of the price, which is a little higher than the brand they’re used to. They soon realized, however, that a bag of Orijen Senior Dog Food actually lasts almost a month. Spreading the cost that way and with fewer visits to the vet, they finally decided that this food is worth it.No artificial preservatives were used in the manufacturing of this product. This bag contains 15 pounds of dog food, but it is also available in 5-lb and 28.6-lb packages. Customers and their senior mutts have great feedback about this dog chow. Dogs like it so much, and their owners were naturally happy about resolved skin issues, shiny and healthy-looking coats, and their perceptible improvement in energy level.Packs are available in 5, 17.5, and 33 pounds, and prepared in two styles – original and small bites. This product received the approval of its buyers for its excellent quality. Their feedback was based on the health benefits this best senior dog food provided their weak and aging pets.This USA-made product provides the delicate diet required by elderly dogs. It contains carefully selected ingredients that are nutrient-rich and naturally sourced. The ingredients in this dog food from Wellness Natural Pet Food include chicken, oatmeal, barley, brown rice, white fish, flaxseed, canola oil, carrots and other vegetables. It has balanced levels of calcium, glucosamine and chondroitin to strengthen bones and joints in senior dogs.Senior dogs are very sensitive about food and their stomachs are the first to indicate this by getting upset. Customers found this best senior dog food to be very helpful for their pets with such conditions. They even found Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Senior Dogs 8+ Chicken, Egg and Oatmeal Formula to be a very affordable alternative to medications and expensive diets recommended by their vets. Even professional breeders approve of this product and have been long-time users of the Diamond brand. They say that the first indicators of how great this dog food is are the healthy-looking stools, then next are the healthy skin and shiny coats.