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The Safari Stainless Steel Shedding Blade for Dogs is folded into a loop, but it can also be straightened to sift through larger areas with a single stroke. This brush is the best way to eliminate unwanted shedding on your dog and preventing fur from spreading throughout your home. If your pet sheds then don't delay- order this specialized shedding blade for your pooch today.
Shedding Blade for Dogs
The only issue with a deshedding blade for dogs is that it can sometimes pull on matted hair and tangles, so it's advisable to always bathe your dog, use a conditioner, and also have a slicker brush on hand to tackle those detangling missions. Four Paws Magic Coat Folding Shedding Blade | Dog | Pet SupermarketRemington Shedding Blade Dog Brush Polymer Handle BlackJW Pet Company Gripsoft Shedding Blade - Dog - Bend Pet Express