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Note: 1/2″ Leads for small dogs utilize a light weight traditional style trigger snap.

A few years ago, walking a dog could sometimes be a real chore. Whether big or small, dogs can pull and push and make the walking activity very challenging. One of the reasons, of course, is that most leashes or leads dont have the flexibility you need to give your dog a little freedom, and you, a little easier time walking them. All of this is true, unless you have a Flexi leash. These wonderful, revolutionary leashes allow your dog to smell, pee and walk around a little as you walk them. What a concept! Instead of pulling, they retract the leash a bit and are able to enjoy the walk that much more.

Flexi Leash has been used by millions of dog owners around the globe. Flexi Leash owners everywhere report being very happy with this great product development from Europe. For over three decades, Flexi pet products have improved the job of dog walking, making it a pleasure not just another chore. Walking your dog can actually be fun for you and your dog! Imagine that.

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You don't have to settle for a run-of-the-mill dog leash – pick up a fun and flirty retractable dog lead and let your personality shine! Our retractable dog leads come in a durable plastic case with either 9 feet (small) or 15 feet (medium) of retractable nylon lead and a metal buckle clip. They're fairly light, making it easy to hold other things – like your keys or phone – and they're so cute! You can pick a lead to match every one of your fur baby's adorable – or match them to your own audacious outfits. Either way you will be the most fashion forward pair on the block. 3 Colors Nylon Pet Dog Harness Mesh Vest Neck Strap Midsize Small dog leads Puppy Harness Comfort Fabric Pet DogTransparent PE Pet Umbrella Small Dog Umbrella Rain Gear with Dog Leads Keeps Pet Dry Comfortable in Rain Snowing26 Ft Auto Retractable Dog Leash Stop Lock Small Medium Dogs Pet Leads ..
The cold weather friendly gate snap’s ease of use is its most popular feature. Simply push it on to the D-ring and voila! Note: 1/2″ Leads for small dogs utilize a light weight traditional style trigger snap.The also comes in large, medium and small sizes. The downside to the small size is that it has a cord – the medium and large have belts. The thing is, even a small dog, pulling hard on a lead, can inflict a nasty injury to your hand. So no matter what the “best retractable dog leads” reviews say, if I had a small dog, I’d still go with a medium lead.Padded Handle Dog Leashes – Featuring quality Lupine webbing and a soft padded handle you’ll be comfortable walking even the strongest of pullers. Small Dog Leads have 2″ trigger-style snaps for easy attachment to tiny pooches while Medium and Large Dog Leads have a convenient gate style snap for easy attachment to even the most excited of walking partners!Personalize your nylon Small Dog martingale leashes and slip leads for FREE, avaiable in lengths of 4', 6', 8', and 10' click from list below (custom lengths available upon request).Personalize your nylon Small Dog martingale leashes and slip leads for FREE, avaiable in lengths of 4', 6', 8', and 10' click from list below (custom lengths available upon request). so a lot of emotion on these comments. mine is not. i really don't have a strong opinion either way but am open to forming one should sufficient argument be given. let me put out some prerequisite info. i've put many hundreds of hours into training the two dogs i have currently. they have won obedience titles and are very reliable off leash. they do not lunge or pull--ever. their recall has been 100% for years. they know well how to heel but they also enjoy leisurely strolls where they're allowed to meander and wander ahead and behind a bit on the trail. i use flexi leashes, have for years. but, i only really use them when we're walking on our local nature trail--it's really the only place we frequent where they need to be leashed but don't need to be in a "heel." i don't leash my dogs to control them, I leash them because it is a local ordinance. my dogs are under control because they understand and comply to what i say; the leash is irrelevant. one dog is 5, the other 12; these are not puppies or adolescents. i am asking about flexis because if i am putting my dogs in genuine danger by using them, i am quite willing to stop. but, most of the arguments given seem to have to do with the danger of poorly behaving dogs on the ends of a retractable leash, dogs unreliable--or even not knowing--commands like "heel," "stop," "leave it" and "come." if i understand correctly, the only argument presented independent of poor behavior is the "constant pressure" argument. i can understand how the constant pressure idea might be an issue for stressed, inexperienced, and/or untrained dogs, but my dogs are happy, confident, and very leash-savvy; i see no evidence of the pressure causing any distress in my dogs. which leads me to my first question: how big of an invisible issue is the "constant pressure" for my 60 lb dogs who have never seemed to care about that in the least? i.e. how is the small pressure of the retractable lead on their harnesses a greater detractor to their joy than the joy they obviously get from having the freedom of a 16 foot radius? my second question is how is a retractable leash dangerous on expertly trained dogs? i.e. if my dog knows to "freeze" on verbal command under even high-distractions, in what scenario are they likely to be injured by their own retractable leash? my final question is: if you eliminate all the extending leash injuries that could've been avoided with a better trained dog, a dog, for example, that really knew "freeze!," is the likelyhood of an injury resulting from a retractable leash still more likely than of our getting hit by lightning? thanks! :)