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I have a 30 lb Beagle/Shepard mix. She loves to run off and explore and follow that beagle nose of hers and she's stubborn as can be (again, the beagle) and completely ignores my calls for her. I bought this remote trainer at a local Petsmart. She is a slim dog and her neck is small. I adjusted the collar to the smallest it would go and she still couldn't feel a thing, even when I jacked it up to the highest setting of 15! This is the Little Dog Trainer so I can't get any smaller. Like another reviewer, I don't think the nylon collar is appropriate. Just cannot get a good fit and therefore it is ineffective.
Training small dogs can be a chore, but with the PetSafe Little Dog Remote Trainer that chore just got easier.
Teach your little furry friend how to obey your commands off-leash with the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Remote Trainer. This safe and effective electronic training collar system is specifically designed for small dogs between 8 and 40 lb. The PetSafe Elite Little Dog Remote Trainer system features a small dog training collar and a handheld transmitter. With the key to positive behavior in the palm of your hand, you can teach your petite pooch obedience basics like "sit" and "stay" or work to deter unwanted behaviors - all without a leash! The electronic training collar can receive correction signals from up to 400 yards away - ideal for training in your backyard or out at parks so you can practice giving commands over a greater distance. The PetSafe small dog training collar can deliver a tone-only signal for getting your dog's attention as well as 15 different levels of safe static correction. The variety of levels gives you the opportunity to find the setting that is just right for delivering correction to your dog. As your pet learns to obey your commands off-leash, you can both enjoy more freedom both at home and out and about. The effective PetSafe Elite Little Dog Remote Trainer is completely safe for your little furry friend. When used properly, the electronic training collar and transmitter system can add greater flexibility to your dog's training regimen. This small dog training collar is intended to enhance the training that you are already providing to your pet. Be sure to consult a dog training specialist with any questions regarding remote correction training. Remote trainer for small dogsНа странице представлен выбранный Вами товар Unbranded/Generic - 1000 Yard Waterproof Shock Vibra Remote Training Collar for Small Med Large Dog.Beginning remote dog trainer that is perfect for small to medium sized dogs
Looking for a shock collar with remote control capabilities to help train your small dog? Most dog training collar systems are too big and/or too heavy for toy breeds. The shock collars in this section feature the smallest and most lightweight collar receivers available. The Best Price on Shock Collars for Small Dogs
When it comes to shopping online many people search for the lowest possible price. This can be a good shopping strategy, depending on product features vs. what a person needs. However, in the case of small dog shock collar systems, it is not a strategy that will likely provide a satisfactory product. The cheapest small dog shock collar system we carry is one of the called the PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Remote Trainer but we don't recommend it. If your dog gets in the trash, or jumps up on furniture or people and you'd like to train him or her to stop these behaviors, all you need is a control capabilities. That way when you witness unwanted behavior in your small dog, you just push the correction button on the handheld remote transmitter. When a small dog shock collar is used to make an immediate correction, dogs will associate their behavior with the correction. So it doesn't take long for unwanted behavior to disappear. What's nice about a is that your dog doesn't need to be close to you when you want to correct him. The new PetSafe PDT00-10867 'Nano' Little Dog Remote Trainer is ideal for toy or small breeds. The featherweight collar is perfect for dogs as small as 3 pounds, and features PetSafe's innovative 'Quick-Fit' buckle to simplify placing the receiver on your dog. Both of these small dog shock collar systems feature a 400-yard range, eight levels of correction and they are waterproof (both the collar and the handheld remote transmitter). The main difference is the PetSafe Venture Series Little Dog Remote Trainer can expand to handle a maximum of two dogs with the purchase of an additional receiver collar. The PetSafe Yard and Park Remote Trainer can expand to handle up to three dogs. This training system makes it easy to train a small dog. It has ten levels of stimulation correction as well as a tone-only training button. The stimulation buttons are easy to adjust and range from 400 volts to 6,000 volts powered by two small CR2032 batteries (included) often used for car alarm keys, it may sound cruel but it’s little more than a buzzing sensation. The remote uses a 9v alkaline battery which is also included. There is a low-battery indicator light, so it is easy to know when the batteries need changing. The collar is also lightweight and the receiver is waterproof.