Blossom Bucket. Small Metal Fence

Build a storage shed or put up a small fence to hide the ugly trash cans.
Often, what smaller breeds lack in size, they make up for in mischief. When it comes to jumping a high fence, small dogs find that being vertically challenged gets in the way, but their little bodies give them other advantages when it comes to getting loose. Do you already have a fence that isn’t doing the trick? Time to tear it down! Finding the right fence for your little dog will ensure he can’t exploit his small size to make a big escape, and it will give you peace of mind to let him roam safely in the fresh air. Here’s what you need to remember when you search for a small dog fence.
I think that we would use the front yard more if it had a small fence to separate us from the street.
You are only getting 1 section of the SMALLER fence section shown here on the bottom row of first photo . The other items seen here are also available like my preserved delicate fern moss everything is sitting on as well as mushrooms. I think that we would use the front yard more if it had a small fence to separate us from the street.Sometimes simplicity is best. This small garden fence is metal with a series of loops. It borders the lawn and flowers.Find and save ideas about Small fence on Pinterest, the world's catalog of ideas
And that’s where we decided to put up a small garden fence. Now, we didn’t have that many options for the area I have as a garden. My garden has a curve on the left-hand side, which meant that I had to make my own fence.Landscapers often add vinyl lattice at the top of a solid privacy fence to give the fence some character. Because of the open weave of the fencing material, lattice panels are not as sturdy as most vinyl products, so it’s not often used for long sections of fence without substantial reinforcement. However, you can easily create a small fence out of vinyl lattice. If you want to hide trash receptacles or make a fence around your air conditioning unit, vinyl lattice is a good choice, because it allows air to circulate.The customer was looking for a contractor that would do a small fence project. She had recently purchased a new German Shepard puppy and wanted to be able to let the puppy out the door into the back yard without any worries.