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Baby Socks: X-Small = 0-6 months, Small = 6-12 months, Medium = 12-24 months
The last pair are from , a company who sells socks in a bunch of major clothing stores, as well as through their website. Unfortunately, not all of their designs are available in smaller sizes, so the selection is somewhat limited.
I wear a 10 in NB shoes and L in DT socks that fit perfectly and I wouldn't want them any smaller.
I spent yet another frustrated day looking for socks for myself and I want to scream. I'm hoping you ladies can help. I wear a size 4.5 shoe and find it impossible to find mature looking socks that fit well. The little girl sized socks fit better but I'm tired of having to buy a mixed pack of bright pink and purple just to get one decent pair of gray socks. I'd like boring old black socks to wear with my jeans that don't bunch because they are too big-- any suggestions??
And if you have small feet, where do you shop for shoes? I hate shoe shopping since most stores I go into don't even have a single pair of shoes in my size or they only have very young looking little girl shoes that fit. I bought a pair of sandals last summer from Payless that I thought were okay--until 3 elementary aged girls in my neighborhood showed me they had the same pair!
Thanks! Looks good, and I like their hiking socks, but it was hard to find smaller sizes in stock.Go with the larger size. In my experience socks always tend to fit on the smaller size. I always size up and never have a problem.What size are your feet?Im a 5.5-6 and regular socks are always long on me. Would LiTiNi's be too small for me?
Or make good on your New Years resolution to learn to knit socks - this is a perfect project to learn all the sock knitting techniques at a small scale.You’re on your way to perfect fitting socks for your petite feet! We have designed and tested our little socks from toe to heel to meet the needs of small feet. Our socks made for small feet fit women's shoe sizes 4-7. We are the little sock that fits.If you're a woman with small feet, you know how hard it can be to find small size socks and other hosiery. That's because many of the so-called "one-size-fits-all" socks on sale today just don't cut it for women with shoe sizes less than 7. If you're one of them, see below for some goods sources of stylish and practical socks that come in size small.As an added service, we offer to make socks from your animals' fiber that has been spun on cones into specific weight yarn. The yarn needs to be thin ~ 2/12 (3360 yards per pound). We recommend it be 2ply and a yarn blend with nylon and/or merino (10% – 20% ) for sock durability. It should be spun loosely on the cone (like a sponge) and with a good twist so it doesn’t pull apart as it goes through the knitting machine. The yarn needs to be as free as possible from bumps, knots or straw. When we run your yarn through our knitting machines, we run a small amount of nylon and elastic along with it; %6 nylon and %2 elastic (black or white nylon, depending upon your yarn color). Please contact us if you would like further information.Snap-to-size dividers used in the bra drawer, and some handy-dandy, flexible, diagonal diamond dividers, also from the Container Store. These dividers keeps small items like socks and undies tidy and easily visible. No digging for the right thing!How do you size your socks?
Adult Socks (in US Shoe Size):
Small = Women's 6 - 8, Men's 5 - 7, Medium = Women's 8 - 10, Men's 7 - 9, Large = Women's 10 - 12, Men's 9 - 11, XL = Women's 12+, Men's 11 - 14
. We strive to complete sock orders as quickly as possible. We are a small, home business and the socks are knit on the machines and then processed by hand. Just like when you buy running shoes, fit is absolutely essential. If the socks are too big, they will bunch in your shoes. Too small and your toes will get squished and eventually poke through, ruining the socks. Too loose and the socks will slip on your heels.