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Wherever you are on your IoT journey, Smart IoT London is the only place to be
As well as a diverse range of organisations and user needs, we're looking for everyone from designers, to developers, product owners to policy makers to share their expertise and help become advocates for our more inclusive, user-focused smart London.
Wherever you are on your IoT journey, Smart IoT London is the only place to be
We apply Arnstein’s ladder of citizen participation to a smart city context, focusing in particular on the ‘Smart London’ case. With this exploratory case study we contribute by setting out a replicable step-by-step approach to assess a smart city plan vis-à-vis citizen participation. Furthermore, this study investigates the link between the smart city ambitions of London and the concrete citizen participation levels of several projects within their smart city strategy. From the qualitative coding and classification we formulate a first proposition for further scientific elaboration on the relationship between the potential levels of citizen participation in a smart city project and the way stakeholders are represented in the project. Wherever you are on your IoT journey, Smart IoT London is the only place to beWherever you are on your IoT journey, Smart IoT London is the only place to beWherever you are on your IoT journey, Smart IoT London is the only place to be
But what’s the right way to go about it? Smart has had the good fortune to work with some of the world’s most design-led companies, in industries ranging from finance to pharma to consumer goods, and we’ve learned from all of them. Recently, we gathered together these design champions for a Smart Salon panel discussion at the Museum of London.Smart IoT London (15th-16th March 2017) is the premier global IoT conference and exhibition. Delivering an audience of 18,515 attendees from Enterprise, Service Providers and the Public Sector.At Smart Social London, you’ll connect with fellow leaders, gain insight into the future of digital and social, and leave with tips on delivering business value. Plus, we’ve left space for the essentials:The Institute for Sustainability and Mayor of London's Office put out a call for innovative technologies that will improve wayfinding and navigation in five districts that are members of London's Smart London Districts Network. The network brings together public and private development organizations involved in delivering London’s largest and most ambitious development projects. The competition to improve wayfinding is an interesting approach other cities may want to consider to spur interest and economic growth in areas undergoing re-development.John Moor, IoTSF Managing Director said “The IoT Security Foundation is the home of IoT security and we are delighted to be working with Smart IoT (London). We share the event’s ambition to help attendees see the bigger picture, meet partners and understand what it takes to be successful in a dynamic environment. We’re also keen to promote a message of security first and resilience throughout the IoT supply chain so, together, we unlock IoT’s many benefits for society and the economy. We look forward to meeting you there.”Smart Social London will cover every tenet of Smart Social—how to prove the value of social across your organization, how to build trust across your consumer base, and how to connect with the people that matter to you most. From the reality of social care to the power of what happens when creativity meets data, our content will shape—and inspire—your social and digital strategies. The Startup Weekend Smart Cities London team is grateful for the support of local community partners without whom this event would not be possible.
Prof. David Gann, chair of the Smart London Board, said that City Hall needs to build on its achievements so far. “Londoners, businesses and the tech industry also have a role to play. Together we must help the city to harness these opportunities and maintain London’s reputation as an engaged, growing, entrepreneurial, tech-savvy city,” he said.