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No. The TEK is not compatible with any other current SportDOG collars on the market.
One of the reasons why sport dog collar has very good reputations is its durability. The dog collar is very strong so that it is a very suitable dog collar for people that like to hunt and therefore will face strong terrains in their hunt. There are so many occurrences of dog’s that got lost in the hard terrain and condition and with the sport dog collar the collar will definitely help to track back the lost dog.
Sport Dog Collar: Usability
The 425 is the replacement for the extremely popular SD 400. This version fixes several things that the 400 was missing and brings it in line with the new generation SportDOG collars. Sport Dog Collar: DurabilitySportDOG Collars are affordable, high quality, fully waterproof remote training dog collar systems that won’t break the bank..Sportdog Collars. Affordable, fully waterproof, high quality, versatile, expandable remote training dog collar systems..
The first and most obvious thing I need to find out is which breed the customer owns. Any SportDOG™ collar can be used with any breed, but certain models have features best suited for retrievers, pointing dogs, or hounds. So, after I understand the type of dog, then I have to find out how that dog is being used. For the most part, that translates to range. So, the next part of the discussion is part question and part explanation. I ask how far away the owner expects to be able to reach his dog, and then I explain how range works.The rugged, versatile SportHunter® 825 maximizes all of the advanced, industry-leading technology that SportDOG® has ever built into its e-collars. The system provides long-range capability up to 1/2 mile, making it well-suited for long-distance control of retrievers and big-running pointing dogs. Switch instantly between stimulation, vibration, and tone to fit the correction or communication to your dog’s temperament and learning ability. The SD-825 can be easily expanded to control up to 3 dogs by adding SportDOG Add-A-Dog® collars. All SportDOG Brand collars have a designated operating range. For example, the versatile is available as a Model SD-825, Model SD-1225 and Model SD-1825. Their operating ranges are ½-mile, ¾-mile and 1 mile, respectively. A ½-mile sounds like a very long distance, but keep in mind that many variables affect how far away the collar can receive a signal from the Transmitter. The stated ranges are based on “line of sight.” That means you can expect good performance at the stated range on flat terrain with no obstacles between the Transmitter and Collar Receiver. Sportdog ™ - dog training collars hunting dogs, gun, Hunting dog gear designed by sportsmen. sporting dog training, tracking, and hunting information to get the most out of your next hunt.. Shop sporthunter® 1825 sportdog - sd-1825, The sporthunter® 1825 helps you build a customized remote training system to guarantee the best performance from your dog. this electronic remote training collar. Reviewed: sportdog 1825 sport hunter sd-1825 (5-stars), Transcript from steve's video: this is the sportdog 1825. it's one of their top end units. it's a one mile range system. my favorite thing about this particular. Sportdog collar -- free shipping sport dog collars, Sportdog collars are refreshingly easy to use and not overdesigned. you demand more for your money and sportdog delivers it: more range. more features.. Dog training collar - fieldtrainer sd-425 - remote , Fieldtrainer. the fieldtrainer is the perfect system for introducing your dog to in-the-field training, or for hunting with close-working dogs. this series is loaded. Sportdog training collars - gun dog supply, Sportdog collars. affordable, fully waterproof, high quality, versatile, expandable remote training dog collar systems.. Great Product!
I just got this collar so can't say too much, but based on the Sport Dog collars I've already owned/own I know this one will be just as good! I LOVE the fact it has a switch so I don't lose any functions from adding a dog like I would have with my other collar (the 425s) even better, the 425s collar hooks up to this remote!!! Was super happy to find that out as had just got the other collar in May and needed another collar for my pup but didn't want to lose the side beep button. My friend has a remote just the same and its so easy to switch back and forth between dogs. VERY happy with Sport Dog brand! They always stand by their products and help so much!! (they helped me set my collars up and sync my 425s to my 1825) Amazing products from an amazing company! HIGHLY recommend!!Comes with a larger SportDOG collar. Not too big for most dogs, but it is bigger than what they have on the 425 and the 825. It has the wide range of stim modes. You have a low, a medium, and a high mode. Comes out of the box in medium. Majority of the dogs, that's the mode that they're going to work off of. But if you have a really sensitive dog and you need to drop it down to the low mode, that's an option. If you have a tougher dog that needs more stimulation you can move it up into the high mode. I have one dog that works in the high mode. The rest of mine have worked in the medium. I've never had a dog that was so sensitive that they needed the low mode. But it's nice that it's there in case you run into a dog that needs that.