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These Stainless Steel Dog Crate Bowls includes a heavy duty bolt-lock clamp which allows your dog's bowl to easy and quickly secure on most metal dog crates. No worries about the clamp breaking, it's as solid and durable as they come.
The Deluxe Steel Dog Crate is very easy to use and is constructed of steel with a durable plastic shell.
This deluxe steel dog crate is awesome. I thought it would be cheaply made, but it's really sturdy and good quality. It also breaks down very easily. My best friend's neighbor has one just like it, that he got up north.
However, Flexpetz delivers quickly and I'm very impressed with the company. They're like the Amazon of pet supply stores. Great job guys.

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Innovation and Good Looks The Medium Deluxe Steel Dog Crate With Pad is easy to use and constructed of steel with a plastic shell. Completely collapsible, this crate is perfect for at home or on the go and the rounded edges and an insulated base to help eliminate damage to your home or car. It features four doors, offering accessibility from any angle and the garage-style side door stays up and out of the way when open. Integrated wheels and pull handle enable you to easily move the crate from room to room. A soft and cozy fleece pad and a convenient nylon carrying case are included.Some customers were disappointed, though, because it might not be the best heavy duty indestructible steel dog crate for rowdy or strong-willed large dogs. For canines who are comfortable inside the crate, this one will do, but it might be smarter to get a sturdier one if your dog is determined to break free.Experience the true definition of "real" indestructible heavy duty steel dog crates when you own one of our escape proof welded steel wire mesh crates. A 3 year manufacturer's warranty on all these steel crates is a statement that says "this crate is strong enough to hold any dog you are strong enough to put into it." The crates use 6 gauge welded steel wire mesh to create the strongest dog crate we know of. Protect your separation anxiety dog while you're away from home. When you see your new indestructible steel dog crate you will know 2 things: first that your dog will be in his or her crate when you return home and second: that this will be the last crate you will ever need to buy. It is absolutely that strong. Note:  3 year warranty applies to welded steel wire dog crates only. Dog Crate Water Bowls by GoGo® are sturdy, long lasting and reliable. Made from heavy duty stainless steel these dog crate bowls have a 20 oz capacity, perfect fit for most small dogs. These crate cups are also rust resistant, making them an excellent option for food or water and can be easily attached to most standard dog crates, cages, and kennels.Welcome to the home of the truly strongest heavy duty steel dog crates in the known universe! Welded steel wire mesh standard models and what we call the European Style heavy duty dog crates with 3/4" - 18 gauge tubular steel round stock. No pretenders here!Innovation and Good Looks! The Large Deluxe Steel Dog Crate With Pad is easy to use and constructed of steel with a plastic shell.