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The Stockyard food truck is all over the place. So the best thing to do it sign up for location updates on their or follow them on social media.
The Stockyard food truck.
I love the Stockyards. The food is fabulous. I can't believe how great the staff are - they are always on top of your order and doing more for you. The fried chicken and waffles is phenomenal! I have tried many times to replicate their... Stockyard - Detroit Food Trucks - Roaming HungerBreakfast Delivery | Stockyards Food Delivery | Yelp Eat24 Order OnlineStockyard Food Trailer | Core Detroit
The vibe at the Stockyard food truck was simple and delicious. I could tell everything on the menu was specifically there for a reason and the sandwiches we crafted with thought and intent. I highly recommend this truck when you are in the mood for a unique sandwich experience.