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Ralph’s grocery store has 12 store locations in East-Northeast Puerto Rico for grocery shopping.
Econo and Walmart are the 2 dominant grocery store chains in Puerto Rico. Walmart also owns Sam’s Club and Amigo. We recommend supporting Econo and other Puerto Rico based grocery stores instead of Walmart stores. If Walmart runs the locally-based stores out of business, then they will be able to raise prices, harming consumers. Competition is good for consumers as it keeps prices lower than without competition.
Plaza Loiza has 6 grocery store locations in Puerto Rico for food shopping in the San Juan metro area.
Starbucks has 19 stores in Puerto Rico, the same number it had at the end of 2011. In that period Starbucks has added more than 5,000 stores around the world, and tripled the number of locations it operates in Brazil. In other Latin American markets, from Mexico to Argentina and Peru, the company also has seen significant growth. 7 Stores in Puerto RicoThe Best 10 Furniture Stores in Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico - YelpVitamin Shoppe Stores in puerto rico
Find contact information for maternity stores serving Puerto Rico below. List is in alphabetical order. Please to update this list, add to this list or report incorrect contact information. Visit our articles on for additional information. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to receive email updates on new Living in Puerto Rico articles! Thank you for visiting.In another San Juan area, Río Piedras, Walgreens drugstores are within walking distance from each other. This chain has such a concentration of stores in Puerto Rico that most of them are less than a kilometer apart. In the southern part of the Island there are up to seven stores on a road stretch of less than 10 kilometers.As a result of "ongoing business challenges and increased governmental restraints," video game retailer GameStop is closing all of its stores in Puerto Rico. The island's nearly three-dozen stores will close by the end of March 2016, a GameStop representative confirmed in a statement to GameSpot today.San Juan has a population of 389,714 and there are around 20 Walgreens stores, making the Puerto Rico’s Capital the city with the highest concentration of this chain drugstore in US jurisdiction.According to GameStop's website, the retailer currently operates 35 stores in Puerto Rico. It is unknown how many employees those stores had or if GameStop will offer any resources to affected staffers.Does anyone know of a liquor store in puerto rico that sells a large variety of beers? Beers like Anchor Steam or Sierra Nevada or Fat Tire or Bells or?????? thanks!!!There are 118 Walgreens drugstores in Puerto Rico, according to Walgreens’ official website. This information was confirmed by the corporation’s spokesperson in Puerto Rico, María Estela Cestero. This makes the Island the second US jurisdiction with the chain’s highest presence when compared with 10 states with a population similar to the caribbean jurisdiction, 3.7 million.Supermax has 16 grocery store locations in Puerto Rico for food shopping. Most are in the San Juan metro area except for the ones in Caguas, Cidra, and Ponce to the South and Manati, Vega Baja, and Dorado to the West.