Blog #61~ Stuff on my Cat Part II

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God forbid you disturb them. I have to contort my legs with bizarre yoga moves slinking out of bed so as not to disturb her slumber. She wields her power at 5:00 a.m. letting out piercing cries and meows that sound as if you haven’t fed her in a week. So, why put stuff on our cats? Mario Garza is right on his philosophy: 🙂
My sister, Laura pointed out a great website called “Stuff on my Cat” a few years back. This site is a hoot, check it out at .
Nick has followed suit with putting stuff on our cat… not always to Miss Mellie’s liking. He likes to give her love pats and he thinks it’s hilarious to sneeze on her too. Nick has Down syndrome and autism. Blog #33~ Stuff on my Catstuff on my cat | TumblrStuff on my #cat
In the latest entry in the category of websites focused on user photo entries, it's . Users put stuff on their cats to humorous effect, take a picture, and send it in. This site almost makes me wish I had a cat.…and dogs, hamsters, fish, lolcats, & more crazy stuff.. Funny cats video – funny cat videos – funny videos, Please share on facebook and twitter 🙂 — funny cats video…The boyfriend has this weird thing where he loves to put random stuff on our cat. Playing cards, napkins, the tv remote...she lays there and he puts stuff on her.So the next time you’re having a bad day or are just looking to make a good one even better, scroll down! These adorably confused, playful, and proud kitties will be happy to demonstrate the best of the Stuff on Cats craze in order to leave you with a smile on your face!…and silly animals in hd clips & pics. cute kittens, funny cats and dogs, hamsters, fish, lolcats, & more crazy stuff.. Funny cats compilation – funny cat videos – funny,…In Blog #33~Stuff On My Cat (located in the December 2012 Archives), I wrote and shared numerous pictures of random objects we put on our cats over the years. Why do we do this? I have to embrace Mario Garza’s philosophy to answer this one. Our cats rule the house. Sleeping all day long wherever the sun radiates, claiming the fresh, warm laundry as their “personal paradise” and plopping on your lap even if you just want to sit down for a second. Perhaps that's why there's no end to the random ways that cats tend to pop up on the internets -- either way, because it's Wednesday, the day we bring you the best of our weird internets world in a compendium of images loosely related to whatever topic we happen to come up with, that's why today we bring you , some of the most truly gratuitous randomness we've ever posted. So here you go: eleven images of, uh, people putting stuff on their cats.