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This page describes every aspect of housing Texas cichlids in fish tanks; In case you haven't found answer on your question below, use a form at the bottom to ask us! Also share experiences, please! This cichlid is very unusual as it is the only one that is native to the United States; often it is the game fish for many anglers. It is not a recommended fish for beginners; this is due to the Texas cichlid having a very aggressive nature. It is found in sub tropical areas swimming on the bottom to mid water areas of the lower ROI Grande in Texas and north eastern areas of Mexico. The Texas cichlid mainly inhabits the pools and narrow waterways that lead onto the larger rivers. If kept in optimum conditions, this fish should live up to 15 years of age.
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Though most commonly known as the Texas Cichlid, this fish is also named after its most famous river of origin and is thus also called the the Rio Grande Perch or Rio Grande Cichlid. Some sources also call it a Pearl Cichlid as well, but this is confusing as there is another well defined cichlid,, that is more generally known as the . Besides the nominate form there are also two subspecies with Herichthys c. carpintis being known as the Green Texas Cichlid, but currently there's no common name for Herichthys c. temporatum. big texas cichlid fish aquarium - YouTubeBaby Texas cichlid fish - YouTubeMake My Aquarium: Breeding Green Texas cichlid fish