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Here are some pictures of the Lizard costume that I made. It's also up on ebay at the moment:
Today, we have a handful of pics revealing both the official Lizard Halloween costume and Hasbro action figure line for , which truly offer the most comprehensive look at the character’s physical appearance (for better or for worse).
Check out the “results” of Connors’ research by perusing through the Lizard costume and toy images, below:
Fast forward to last week when the begging got to be too much. I broke down and decided to make the lizard costume. There I was, drowning in neon green felt and hot glue sticks, wishing I'd gotten my passport application taken care of before successfully burning off half of the fingerprints on my right hand. I got 90% through tracing and cutting and semi-circling and scale gluing and the kid walks in and raves about how cool it is. Success! The Lizard CostumeHi Here are some pictures of the Lizard costume that I madePascal The Chameleon Lizard Halloween Costume.