Purina Tidy Cats Litter Breeze System

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First, let me start by saying that I thought the system was a bit expense. However, about a week ago, Amazon had this system as one of their gold box deals for $19.97...what a deal! Plus, shipping was free, so I ordered three of them for my four little furrballs. Setting it up was very easy and I think Tidy Cats did a good job with their literature about how to use this. One of my cats died a few months ago, and since then, her sister has been pooping in the corner of my living room. I decided to temporarily place a Breeze there. Right away, she started using it! The other Breezes went in my basement next to my other boxes. I think Tidy Cats is a little too optomistic when they say that cats will start using it by three days. All of us cat lovers know that our felines do everything in their own time! I am still transitioning after about a week, but they are using it. I figure I will keep the clump boxes until I run out of that litter. I must say that there is absolutely no urine smell, and the box just looks so much cleaner after one day compared to my regular litter boxes. Now, for all of you who complained about the poop smell, all I have to ask is how long do you leave your boxes unscooped??? Yes, when anyone (people included) poops, there is an odor. Just like humans flush the smell away in the toilet, the cat odor can be eliminated by scooping it out! Just a thought. I have one cat who leaves a softer specimen, but the pellets stick to it so it scoops right out. The only thing I can see needs some improvement is the scoop. I think the holes need to be slightly bigger as the pellets take some real shaking before they fall out of the scoop. Other than that....thank you Tidy Cats! I will never go back to clump litter!...
Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box System Full Review
I love the Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System. I love that the cats don't track litter everywhere. I love that my house doesn't stink like cat pee no matter how many times I change the litter box. I love that I don't have to change the litter every day.

But... One of my cats hates it. They all seem fine with peeing in the Breeze litter box, but one of my cats insists on pooping right outside of the box. This was never a problem with a normal litter box, so I have to assume that something about the Breeze is making this one cat dissatisfied when it comes time to poop. And, I have to say, picking poop off the floor every single day is not an enjoyable task!

I'm really torn because I love the way the Breeze system handles urine. It's easy to change out the pad every few days and I love the way it completely removes the cat urine smell from the box. That, in my mind, is a MIRACLE. Well worth the price of those pads, in my opinion. I just don't know what to do about the poop-on-the-floor problem! Tidy Cat Breeze Litter System That Pet PlaceTidy Cats Cat Litter Breeze Box Kit System Review FeedTidy Cat Breeze Litter System That Pet Place
The feature that separates the Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System is their unique ability to separate urine and feces from the cat litter that comes with the kit. When you buy the , 4 pads are included in the box, which should last an average of one month.The Tidy Cats Breeze system is totally different than anything out there for cat litter. It’s based on the premise that the really yucky part about cleaning out your cat’s box is the pee. This is most definitely true, in my experience. Even with clumping, odor-free litter, it’s still a huge pain.When I discovered the Tidy Cats Breeze System I got so excited. The concept sounded like a great idea so I couldn't wait to try it. My cat seemed a bit confused in the beginning but she started to get used to it for a while. The clean up was easy. Just pull out and change the pad or scoop up the poop. Soon, things turned for the worst. I noticed my cat was no longer using it. Instead she was urinating right next to it and on the side of it. After a vet appointment ruling out any medical problems I thought maybe it was this little system. I gave it a few more days. While she still pooped in the box she just didn't want to urinate in it. I could tell she didn't like the feeling of the pellets when I watched her. I decided to give her normal little box back as well as her normal Tidy Cats litter. She went right in and did her business. After that, she completely stopped urinating outside of the box. If cats could talk it would have been a lot easier.This couple has a system for taking care of the cat. She feeds him and he cleans out the litter box. It used to be a smelly job before they discovered the Breeze Litter System from Tidy Cats.Although I followed the directions carefully for the change from regular litter, my cats never liked the Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System. I could tell from their litter box behavior that they did not like the way it felt on their feet. Even with diligent cleaning and changing the pad, their litter habits became poor and they would not use the litter box. I eventually changed back to the clumping litter I had used prior to the switch to the Breeze Litter System. The cats are happy with the old litter and I don't have to clean up any outside the litter box statements. is a revolutionary new disposable litter box system, and we’re hosting a and an Amazon Prime Membership, courtesy of Tidy Cats!