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Traction. Sweat, rain, humidity, and morning dew are all guilty of effecting throwing and catching ability. A simple sweat band on your throwing wrist can stop arm sweat from flowing to your fingertips so you can stop flicking the frisbee into the ground. There are also a ton of brands of traction gloves to greatly improve grip of a wet disc. Personally I am not too fond of gloves since they negatively impact my throwing abilities. You can read my traction glove review below to see what I have done in the past with them.
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We deal in top quality name-brand products. If you are looking for new fixtures or replacement parts, we can help you. Our purchasing agent can identify, find and order virtually anything in this industry from motors and fans to old-fashioned floor registers. Frisbees is up to the challenge. Mar 3, 2010 - TOP: Megan Martin and Jason Herrera practice ultimate Frisbee with other employees from Signature Brands on Jan. 31 at Brick City Park.Top 10 ultimate frisbee discs - Disc AceWhat is the best frisbee to buy? - Quora