Perfect Russian Tortoise Substrate?!?!

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Reptile Tank Tortoise Substrate (1 Kg)
- Ideal for baby tortoise to avoid pyramiding
- Keep humidity in good level with daily spraying
- Safe, clean & highly absorbent
- Biodegradable, prevent bad odor
- Spread evenly, set at 1 cm thickness

Terbuat dari bahan-bahan alami seperti cocopeat, moss dan calcium sehingga aman apabila termakan. RTTLS sangat baik untuk kura-kura darat yang masih baby, karena substrate ini dapat manjaga humidity, yang mana diperlukan untuk mencegah pyramiding.

Cara pemakaian : Tebarkan merata dengan ketebalan 2-4 cm, spray setiap hari, jangan terlalu basah. Angkat kotoran setiap hari untuk menjaga kebersihan kandang dan setiap 2-3 minggu ganti total.

Kura darat sangat suka dengan teksturnya yg lembut dan mirip dengan habitat aslinya. Selain buat torto juga cocok untuk reptil lain.

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Russian Tortoise Substrate and Bedding
Also, be sure to keep your tortoise's substrate moist - not wet, but moist. Heated or basking areas tend to dry out very quickly, so keep an eye on them. More tropical species like Red Foots, Yellow Foots, Elongated Tortoises and Burmese Mountain tortoises do best with "very moist" substrate. Spraying the substrate will work. Extra dry enclosures may even need poured water to be mixed in. The time spent waiting for your tortoise to finish his/her soak is also a good time to moisten their substrate. Desert species, like Sulcattas and Leopard Tortoises, will do better with drier substrate (30% - 55% humidity), but their regular soaking, and constant access to greens is essential for their success. Tortoise Enclosure Substrate | Tortoise ForumTurtle and Tortoise Substrates - Chris Tabaka, DVMNew Tortoise/ Substrate Help! | Tortoise Forum
In this video I show you how to partially change your tortoise substrate. This should be done once or twice a year to top of the substrate that is taken out by taking out poo and pee. Replacing all the substrate is only necessary once a year and is a much bigger hassle.Coconut "bark" chips are the coarser version of coconut husk substrates. They are another popular indoor tortoise enclosure substrate choice because they are natural, nice looking, and easy to find.Caution! Accidental substrate ingestion with food and (possible) following impaction is a danger with ALL loose substrates, but especially with sand because it's heavy and can collect in the intestinal tract. You should exercise care to keep your tortoise's food substrate free regardless of what substrate you choose.
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