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Over the years, as the liners become tamped down, we've just purchase replacement liners. We have several unchewable dog beds from Orvis scattered around the house. They're great. With a pair of revved up jack russells, we have to have them. The Orvis factory is in town, so we pick up their returned or second quality dog beds really cheap at the Salvation Army and another local thrift shope.
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Getting a unchewable dog bed can to some extent protect the bed from your Fido’s sharp teeth. These beds are made from material that has been proven to resist dog’s teeth. Getting one of them will save you money and keep your dog comfortable and healthy. I KNEW I could tear up my 'unchewable' dog bedOutdoor: Unchewable Dog Bed | Chew Proof Dog BedOutdoor: Unchewable Dog Beds | Chew Proof Dog Bed
All things considered, it’s hard not to like this tough and unchewable dog bed, and with hundreds of rave reviews, we’re obviously not the only ones to feel this way!As the bed that started it all for a company renowned around the world for making arguably the best tuff dog beds on the market today, this tough-as-nails, virtually unchewable dog bed is tough to top.However, in addition to its durability and toughness, this virtually unchewable dog bed is quite comfy, versatile, and good looking as well. Unlike dog cots and large bolstered dog beds, this tough dog bed can be used in your car, in a hotel room, in and out of a crate, and anywhere around your home.