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Today, Darnell balances being a mom, maid, chef, chauffeur, secretary, cleaning lady, assistant and anything else a professional athlete might need while never letting her desire to thrive in the arts dwindle. She is currently filming hit series Wags Miami on E Network and designing a clothing line that is including but not limited to, garments of longer lengths to accommodate women of a taller stature. Darnell Nicole is a force to be reckoned with and is eager to reclaim her independence, re-enter the entertainment world and leave her mark!
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It may also be obvious that there isn’t a fitting room in wag-wag. Most clothes are twice their initial size from being stretched, which I assume is probably because of the storage. This is a downside for me, because sometimes I find a really, really pretty item and have to let it go because it doesn’t fit well. This is my usual experience with cardigans. As we know, the cut is what’s important in choosing outerwear, because aside from achieving that coveted cool or put-together look, you are very likely wearing one under conditions where you really need it (i.e. an air conditioned room or chilly weather), so you better invest in a good one. Check out other outerwear in wag-wag such as jackets, blazers, and coats instead, because these are almost always in good shape. SMALL Dog Clothes BLACK RED PLAID Outfit Harness Dress Coat Jacket WAG A LONG #WAGALONGA little behind the scenes of Wag City Clothing. If only Maverick could sew , we will settle for adorable fit mod…So excited to be modeling my new shirt from @wagcityclothing! I love this shirt so much in fact that I bought a ma…
Aside from the cold climate and strawberries, one more thing you have to know about Baguio is that ukay-ukay is a huge part of their culture. It is normal to see heaping piles of clothing—sweaters and jackets and jeans, mostly—in the streets near Burnham Park and Session Road, and when the day transitions to night, more ukay-ukay stores open up in the form of wag-wag.Like in a normal ukay-ukay store, you can shop in wag-wag according to price or clothing type. I always find myself looking at sweaters and outerwear (jackets, blazers, cardigans) whenever I shop there. There are loads of these in Baguio, and the reason is pretty obvious. However, it is important to note that in wag-wag, the yellow stream of light from the lampposts may affect the way you see a clothing article’s particular color. The last time I went to Baguio, which was last month (May 2014), one row of the yellow kind of streetlights were replaced with the white kind; the opposite row remained yellow. I advise against pulling out any gadget, like your cell phone, to examine the color with its white light, because there are also snatchers roaming around—and you’d be extremely, extremely lucky to get immediate help if you become a victim.To second what Noreen , it’s a breeze to shop in wag-wag because of how stores are set up and how clothes are categorized. I have a limited ukay-ukay shopping experience in Manila, having been to only three or four stores in my entire life—my last visit was five years ago!—but if I remember it right, the stores I visited had long rows of clothes (i.e. denim jeans) and I’m almost always out of patience before I find a good pair. The shopping experience in wag-wag is different. The stalls are smaller and the racks are shorter. It doesn’t necessarily equate to fewer options, because 1) wag-wag is a road-long collection of ukay-ukay stores, and 2) I always find something nice in nearly every store. Not always something that suits my taste, but definitely something that’s got a sophisticated design and/or is made of quality fabric.With the array of piquant stores, it’s not surprising. Sharing an address with Housewarmings is the intriguing Back 40 Mercantile, a modern twist on sophisticated sustainability, with clothing, accessories and foodstuffs like Red Bee Honey (July WAG). (The shop is part of the Back 40 Farm Group that includes the organic, 85-acre Back 40 Farm in Washington, Conn. and two Greenwich restaurants — Back 40 Kitchen and Mill Street Bar & Table.)On a rainy afternoon, WAG catches up with designer Neil Bieff during a visit to Mary Jane Denzer’s store next to The Ritz-Carlton, Westchester in White Plains. We last chatted with Bieff about his experiences in the fashion industry and his finesse for creating clothing that emphasizes the female figure. (See November 2014’s “Power Couples” issue.)If you want to resemble the great footballers’ wives such as Coleen Rooney, Victoria Beckham and Stacey Cooke, then look no further. You can buy lots of awesome WAGs clothing and more at our online shop, which is updated daily!