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Note to June: Test, test, test! Ammonia is the most likely culprit why they all died in the absence of evidence of disease. I personally recommend buying test kits for ammonia, nitrates, Ph, and maybe one for nitrites too. Most pet stores will test your water for free; if you choose to let them do it then take water in a minimum of weekly, twice would be better. I test at home, daily when I find a problem like Ph. The store will tell you what to buy to solve the problem. Use Seachem’s Prime on a daily basis until your test levels reach normal readings. As for what species can get along just read this site or ask for help from your fish store.
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, and are among about 360 species classified in the family . Most Pomacentrids are associated with coral reefs in the Indo-West Pacific, with a few species occurring in temperate waters. Some species are native to freshwater or brackish environments.:205–208 Most live in shallow water, from 2 to 15 meters (6.6 to 49.2 ft), although some species are found below 100 m (330 ft). Most species are specialists, living in specific parts of the reef, such as sandy lagoons, steep reef slopes, or areas exposed to strong wave action. In general, the coral is used as shelter, and many species can only survive in its presence. The bottom-dwelling species are territorial, occupying and defending a portion of the reef, often centred around an area of shelter. By keeping away other species of fish, some pomacentrids encourage the growth of thick mats of algae within their territories, leading to the common name . Different species display a wide range of colours, although some are relatively drab. Pomacentrids are omnivorous or herbivorous, feeding off algae, , and small bottom-dwelling . A small number eat coral. AN ACT DESIGNATING THE CHANNEL BASS (RED DRUM) AS THE OFFICIAL STATE SALT WATER FISH.The 15 most beautiful aquarium fish in the world Infographic ~ Salt water tanks.Synchiropus splendidus Love this fish, they do well in a Salt Water Setup!
describes access, regulation updates, best times of year to fish and tips and gear and techniques for rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs throughout the state. Covers trout, salmon, steelhead and warmwater species.Channel Bass are found in coastal and estuarine waters from Massachusetts to Key West, Fla., and along the cost of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico. In North Carolina, the fish have historically been important for both commercial and recreational fishing. And North Carolina has been known for producing trophy-sized fish. The General Assembly of 1971 designated the Channel Bass (Red Drum) as the official State Salt Water Fish. (Session Laws, 1971, c. 274).What's the best saltwater aquarium fish to start with? Here's a list of ten easy care marine fish that you can start with in your saltwater aquarium."§ 145-6. Official State salt water fish .—The Channel Bass (Red Drum) is hereby adopted as the official State salt water fish of the State of North Carolina."In just the decade since the National Wildlife Federation released the report , the region’s cold-water fish have experienced extreme conditions that reflect what is likely to become more the norm as the climate continues to change. For example, in 2015, too-warm waters in the Columbia River and its tributaries killed hundreds of thousands of sockeye salmon returning from the ocean to spawn. That same year, Oregon officials placed unprecedented restrictions on fishing for trout, salmon, steelhead and sturgeon to limit stress to the fish due to low river flows and high water temperatures in most of the state’s rivers.