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Why use a larger, heavier tool when a smaller light weight one will do? Most groomers choose to work with 7.5 to 8.5" shears. For hairdressers, these would be considered huge, but they are average for our work. Here is an important point: you want to use that size shear where you are going to use the whole blade. If you are not comfortable making big cuts, then don't buy big shears. If your technique is still at the snipping stage, and you are mostly cutting with the top 1/3 of your blades, I would advise you to get a smaller shear and practice using more of the blade.Your scissoring style as well as what kind of work you are doing should be factors in your choice of shear. Are you doing lots of mixed breed clip downs with cute faces? A curved 7.5" stainless steel, serrated edge, could be a good investment.
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