Handcrafted by Linda Kuhn "The Yorkshire" Dog Harness

Sarah Sarpolis, Stylist to the Stars, turns heads with her pup in a New Yorkie harness and leash.
Cute Little Harness Vest for Yorkies Dog Clothes, Yorkie, Yorkies, Yorkshire Small dog harness vest, designer dog harnesses, designer dog clothes. This garment is called "A Splash of Class" because my Maddie likes that name Yorkie dog harnesses are a perfect gift. This cute little vest consists of 100% cotton material. Hand crafted myself, this is one-of-a-kind. I'm sure your pup will get a lot of attention while wearing this new designer dog harness vest. Thank you for looking…
Beefy The Bull Dog skateboarding the runway in a New Yorkie harness & leash.
When you're going walkies with your Yorkies, put harnesses on them, beginning in puppyhood. If you pull your Yorkie with a leash on his collar -- or if he pulls you -- you can injure his trachea. A one-time injury or regular pulling could cause tracheal failure. Using a harness avoids putting pressure on the trachea entirely. For your own and your dog's health, avoid polluted environments and keep yourselves at a moderate weight. Yorkie Harness Vest Fairy Tale Dreams Small Dog by lindakuhn1, $37.00Yorkie Harness Vest Summer Splash Small Dog Harness by lindakuhn1, $45.00The Secret Garden Yorkie Dog Harness Vest Shabby by lindakuhn1, $30.00